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We’re hiring remotely!

Luxoft recruiters use the latest IT solutions communication with our future employees. Currently all stages of recruitment process are organized remotely via Zoom, Zoiper or Skype for Business. Through the video interviews, you will meet your recruiter as well your future colleagues and manager face-to-face. In these meetings, you can ask about the company, your role, work conditions, and any other questions you might have. Recruiters will keep in touch with you during the whole recruitment process and answer your questions to ensure that you have a smooth and simple hiring journey.

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Send Your Resume and talk to our Recruitment Specialist

We would appreciate it if you submitted your resume in English. Recruiters conduct...

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Interview with Technical Specialist

The technical interview may take about an hour. The date and time of the interview...

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Project Lead Interview

If the technical interviews confirm that your skills fit our requirements, you will be...

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Job Offer

This is where your hiring journey will come to...

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Al. Gen. Tadeusza Bora Komorowskiego 25, Quattro Business Park Five
31-476 Kraków
Al. Gen. Tadeusza Bora Komorowskiego 25, Quattro D
31-476 Kraków
ul. Krakowska 280, Krakow Business Park
32-080 Zabierzow
Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, Silver Tower
50-083 Wrocław
ul.Szczytnicka 9, Green Day
50-382 Wrocław
Plac Europejski 1, Warsaw Spire
00-844 Warszawa
Al. Grunwaldzka 415, Alchemia-Argon
880-309 Gdańsk