We offer access to our press information. If you want to use our materials, please follow the rules below.

Rules on how to use content from Praca.pl

Contents on Praca.pl are protected by copyright. You can use it only after gaining consent from Praca.pl Sp. z o.o. Below you will find the rules on how to use information from the Pressroom section.Using and spreading content and other materials published in our press room require unambiguous consent of Praca.pl. Consent is given via e-mail and requests should be sent on pr@praca.pl. If you gain consent, you may use our materials on the following conditions:
  • The material may be used only in whole, no changes can be made (in particular, shortening and editing texts and graphics is not allowed). Modification is allowed only when a straightforward consent is given.
  • Each disseminated material should contain in a visible place the name Praca.pl. In case of disseminating on the internet, the name Praca.pl should at the same time actively link to www.praca.pl.
  • If the article has a name and surname, initials or nickname of the author, disseminating it requires quoting also this information.
  • Independently of gaining the consent, the information about spreading the material (posting it on the Internet or in a newspaper) must be communicated to the following e-mail address: pr@praca.pl. In case of posting the material on the Internet, the information should also contain the direct link to the reprint.
  • The consent on spreading the materials is given free of charge, unless it has been granted under the condition of paying the remuneration.