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About us:

Daria and Nico Trinkhaus started their first company PhotoClaim in 2015, after discovering numerous copyright infringements on Nico’s photos and after testing and developing a basic version of the current service with a few photographer colleagues. Since then, the company managed to collect more than 6 Million Euro for photographers, growing its revenue with an average annual growth rate of 47% prior to the COVID year 2020.

To date, PhotoClaim has no outside investors and is profitable since 2019. We have a worldwide client base and are strongly connected to the travel photography industry but also serve photographers from different industries.

Being now well-structured also internally, with a young and ambitious team, PhotoClaim is ready to enter the next growth phase. We plan to diversify further into different photography industries, grow our international legal connections by partnering with existing law firms or even setting up our own in countries with favourable jurisdiction. Having gained the trust of our clients, we also see still many ways in which we can help them further by, for example, taking over parts of the Marketing. With good strategy and execution, it should be possible to grow 7-10 times in the next 5 years.

PhotoClaim is a trusted Partner of photographers worldwide and, sadly, it was the only source of income for many of them in 2020. We will continue to work hard to make sure our clients get the money they deserve.

Dyrektor Zarządzający

Miejsce pracy: opolskie


Opis stanowiska

  • You steer the ship through the next phase: Further Internationalization and Growth
  • You explore new business possibilities and together with the team make them happen
  • You standardize our operations to ensure consistent and high-quality service
  • You take care that the company stays lean and remove inefficiencies from our work
  • You discover and implement measures that increase the revenue per work hour output of our operational activities
  • You make sure that team members are having the right jobs corresponding to their talents
  • You give team members feedback, set targets, help developing Objectives + Key results and keep them accountable
  • You overlook the company’s finances, making it run smoothly while assuring the right projects get the right financing
  • After a probationary time when we see it's a fit for both sides, you will fulfill all duties of “Prezes”


  • You have at least 3 years of work experience with leading a team
  • You are able to pivot quickly from long-term thinking to immediate tactical action
  • You are an analytical problem solver, adaptable to change, and able to execute quickly
  • You have heard about Getting Things Done or you use some other kind of personal management method
  • You are passionate to create a workplace in which the right people love to work
  • You are willing to lead the team from within, not from above – you display both leadership and management skills
  • You have excellent stakeholder management skills, you can quickly build relationships with external and internal partners
  • You are fluent in English and Polish
  • You have a university degree connected to business


  • An opportunity to grow together with an organization that is well past the proof of concept with a strong team
  • Performance-based equity options additional to regular compensation
  • Meaningful work in an international environment to ensure justice and opportunities for photographers
  • Remote work (from home, our office in Warsaw or a co-working space of your choice)
  • Experiencing the joy of leadership in a non-hierarchical (but still structured) Holacracy environment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUHfVoQUj54.

Ready for the next step?

Perfect, let’s do it! But be aware – PhotoClaim is not for everyone.

Please do not apply

  • If you expect your subordinates to follow you blindly
  • If you need your team to ask you for permission on an ongoing basis
  • If you believe that managing means delegating
  • If neither photography nor justice has any specific value to you

That doesn’t scare you but rather excites you? Awesome! We cannot wait to see your application including your CV, recommendation letters, information about the potential starting date, your compensation expectations, and your thoughts on the question:


"How do you organize yourself and/or your team?"


Please send your application entitled “Dyrektor Zarzadzajacy” to career@photoclaim.com or by clicking on the "APPLY NOW" button.

Your data administrator is PhotoClaim Sp. z.o.o, see more in our https://photoclaim.com/en/privacy-policy/

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PhotoClaim Sp. z o.o.

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