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Head of Backend

Reality Games London Ltd


4 dni temu

Head of Backend
Miejsce pracy: woj. kujawsko-pomorskie

You will be leading all our backend teams which develop solutions for all our games. Your role is to make sure all teams have everything they need to do their job efficiently and to make sure our technology choices don't make their job harder in the future.
Currently, most of our services are implemented in Scala with heavy focus on functional programming. We deploy them to Kubernetes. We use Kafka as event streaming platform.

We can help you to relocate to Kraków.

  • helps people improve,
  • has a track record of success with leading large projects and managing teams,
  • makes sure employees have great working experience while being productive,
  • always searches for blockers in product delivery and organisation,
  • actively creates and maintains effective communication channels in the company,
  • makes sure the critical knowledge is effectively shared across the company,
  • focuses heavily on processes improvement, optimization and automation,
  • is skilled at facilitation,
  • enables people to share their feedback about each other,
  • makes sure that teams don't overcommit.
Required Skills
  • Leading large teams (at least 2 years)
  • DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  • Lean, Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming
  • Delivering projects to production (at least 5 years)
  • Manager's toolbox: 1:1s, effective meetings
  • LOGOTYPY Scala, Kubernetes, Kafka, Couchbase, Typelevel (cats, fs2, http4s), Cassandra, Elastic, Linkerd, ArangoDB, Akka, Prometheus, MySQL, Docker
Responsibilities at this position
  • developing efficient teams process
  • designing global architecture
  • teaching & mentoring others
  • automating things
  • discussing technology choices
  • learning new things
Our perks
  • Leader's support
    Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.
  • Knowledge sharing
    People development is key for us!
  • Fast-paced career
    Professional growth opportunities, supported by a performance review process
  • Devices
    You will count on all the resources you need for your work
  • Beautiful office
    Ingenious office space with plenty of room, located in KPT
  • Flexible hours
    Whether you are an early bird or late owl - we get you covered.
  • Growth budget
    Let us know if you need any book or purchase materials that will help you grow
  • Remote work
    We don't force you to work in our office - you can work from home as well.
  • Open kitchen
    Coffee, juices, fruits, fully stocked fridge and more - come and see ;)
  • Sport
    We regularly play together and you are invited as well!
  • Team gatherings
    Take part in events with pizza, games, snacks with a good company.
  • Stock option plan
    We would like to share our success with you and take part in our ESOP plan.


We kindly inform we will contact only selected candidates.
If you are interested, please send your application by clicking on the "APPLY NOW" button.


Reality Games London Ltd

Reality Games is an up and coming gaming studio developing mobile games based on live, real world Big data.  We are team of over 40 people located in Krakow at Krakowski Park Technologiczny. We have also business representatives in London. In early 2015, Reality Games launched its first game based on: Landlord Real Estate Tycoon. It received huge global success with over 6 million players. Following the success of Landlord, we intend to release Big Data Game Engine. We are expect that our Game Engine will simplify game development for external companies and make it much more cost and time effective, as there will not be a need for artificially created content.

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