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Community Manager
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We are looking for Community Manager for our flagship game - Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, and new games that are about to be launched.
Your short term task is to set up processes of community management for our products. All methods and technology choices are available at your disposal.
You will work on engaging and managing our huge community of players.

Outline of Responsibilities
  • As a Community Manager you will interact with our players through social media channels and forums, to help improving our games with player feedback.
  • Be a representative voice of our players in internal discussions to make sure they are represented and play an active role in our decision-making processes.
  • Regularly engage with players at a 1:1 level, encouraging discussion and engagement to contribute towards the growth of the community.
  • Stay in touch with our users on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, blogs or any other medium where players come to discuss our games.
  • Create and publish community content on our brand websites to inform and entertain our players.
  • Communicate with our players and forum moderators to keep them up to date on changes, upcoming features, fixes and the development roadmap
  • Follow-up user ratings and reviews in stores.
  • Present periodical reports of Community feedback, suggestions, issue reports and store reviews summarising and highlighting key recommendations to Community Development and the game dev team.
Skills of Candidate


We believe you love games as we do.
We expect that you will have:

  • Proven experience in Free2play industry
  • Excellent oral and written English skills, native English preferred.
  • Proven experience in social media
  • Additional languages are a big plus
  • Customer service experience (any form, online preferred) is a plus.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management.
  • Great, positive attitude, social personality and a true team-player.
  • Interest in social networks and gaming communities.
  • Organised, detail-oriented, and able to execute on major projects.
  • Knowing how to setup and manage discord/reddit is a big plus.

Company overview



Reality Games is an exciting mobile gaming studio. The company is creating unique mobile games based on Big Data and Geolocation.
The company has recently launched its new game Landlord GO!, which uniquely combines the popular board game Monopoly, live, real world data taken and proven game mechanics.


Our perks
  • Leader's support
    Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.
  • Knowledge sharing
    Employee development is key for us!
  • Fast-paced career
    Professional growth opportunities, supported by a performance review process
  • Devices
    You will count on all the resources you need for your work
  • Beautiful office
    Ingenious office space with plenty of room, located in KPT
  • Flexible hours
    Whether you are an early bird or late owl - we get you covered.
  • Growth budget
    Let us know if you need any book or purchase materials that will help you grow
  • Remote work
    We don't force you to work in our office - you can work from home as well.
  • Open kitchen
    Coffee, juices, fruits, fully stocked fridge and more - come and see ;)
  • Sport
    We regularly play together and you are invited as well!
  • Team gatherings
    Take part in events with pizza, games, snacks with a good company.
  • Stock option plan
    We would like to share our success with you and take part in our ESOP plan.


Reality Games

Reality Games is an up-and-coming gaming studio developing mobile games that use live, real world data. Our game engine takes live data and combines it with familiar game concepts and proven game mechanics to generate highly addictive mobile games. We are not trying to compete with any of the current industry trends, we are creating a new genre of mobile entertainment with games based on real world data.

Our competitive edge is our first mover advantage. We took what we learned while making our first few games to build and improve our game engine, then integrate live data. The results from our first three games was phenomenal, with more than 10,000,000 organic players of our first game, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon.

Project manager, tłumaczony po prostu jako kierownik projektu, jest osobą odpowiedzialną za nadzorowanie i koordynowanie działań osób zaangażowanych w realizację danego projektu – mowa tu głównie o przedsięwzięciach informatycznych. Kierownik opracowuje harmonogram prac, strategię działań w ramach danego projektu, organizuje też formalne warunki dla jego realizacji – sporządza niezbędną dokumentację, raportuje ...
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