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Technical Architect
Job Description:


The responsibilities will be to review the different options within different platforms and determine the best way to implement or configure the software to meet business needs and communicate it effectively to the System Integrators.

Analytical responsibilities:
  • Lead and mentor the System Integrators during every phase of development making sure they follow the best practices;
  • Review the code and configuration settings to ensure they are up to standards;
  • Manage Git repositories: branches, tagging, merging, etc…
  • Responsible for system deployment and migration;
  • Responsible for software upgrades and updates;
  • Allocate and coordinate resources on per project basis;
  • Mentor the System Integrators to review the different options within the different platform and determine the best way to configure the software to meet business needs;
  • Be a member of the information technology department and focused on a specific aspect of the business process and the software;
  • Map functional requirements into web functionalities and provide accurate estimates;
  • develop and maintain a technical vocabulary aim to improve technical communication effectiveness;
  • Develop good problem solving skills and report that knowledge back to the technical business analyst and to the System Integrators
Technical responsibilities:
  • Work closely with a team of web developers, programmers, business analysts and project managers;
  • Keep up to date with all the platforms’ state of the art configuration practices;
  • Be able to demonstrate experience of good usability in web design, and bring that knowledge into the role;
  • Basic knowledge of both front-end and back-end web technologies, with high development skills required;
  • Develop and maintain a repository of design artifacts to improve configuration reusability and knowledge retention.
R&D  responsibilities:
  • Research and test new frameworks and provide documentation to the Solution Architect.
We offer:
  • Exciting project for great global firms  
  • Possibility to work with newest technologies & professional development  
  • Working in a great team  
  • Attractive remuneration 
  • Well-defined career path  
  • Mentoring  & any support you need 
  • Trainings & conrerences participatio 
  • IT library & knowledge base access 
  • Project related travelling possibilites (London, New York) 
  • Possibility of building and developing your own project within the company  
  • Relocation package Pakiet (start-in -Kielce bonus, first month rent, help in finding the right apartment / school/ etc) 
  • Company events in Poland & abroad
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