Full Stack Data Engineer [Rekrutacja online]

ING Tech Poland


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Full Stack Data Engineer [Rekrutacja online]
Miejsce pracy: Warszawa
We are looking for you if
  • You have at least a Master Degree in Software Engineering / AI / Computer Science;
  • You have strong programming skills in Scala (or another Functional Programming language, e.g., Haskell), Java. Familiarity with the Akka framework is a strong plus;
  • You are experienced in producing reusable code components and libraries leveraged by multiple projects;
  • You have strong understanding of data structures algorithm and problem-solving skills in a purely functional manner.
  • You are passionate about work and contribute to open source technologies;
  • You have good understanding with Container Technologies: Docker, Kubernetes or similar.
  • You have good operating system knowledge and solid understanding GIT, CI/CD;
  • You focus not only to master new technologies and programming languages but also on the interpersonal level. You are proven to be able to ask and give feedback;
  • You feel at home in a high-performing team, and you make the other team members feel at home as well. You have the independence to speak up when needed;
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English;
  • Most importantly: You believe that the change is the only constant. You have the right attitude to learn new programming paradigms and technologies, and to establish it in the organization
You will score extra point for
  • Being a committer to Open Source repos is a strong plus;
  • Experience with Python;
  • Experience in the Financial Services is considered a plus, at least you have an affinity with it;
  • Knowledge of Machine learning (preferred experience with real implementations), or at least strong affinity with it;
  • Good understanding of streaming technologies like Kafka and Flink;
  • Good understanding of databases, both RDBMS (PostgreSQL) and non-SQL databases (e.g., Cassandra);
  • Experience in building 0-downtime applications/components;
  • Good understanding of automated testing frameworks;
  • Experience with working in an agile/scrum way, but at least you should have a strong willingness to do so;
  • Experience with Python;
  • Experience with Front end coding (preferably familiarity with Polymer).
How we work

Your role

As a Full Stack Dev Engineer, you will develop our next-generation, container-based Data Analytics Products. The platforms you develop will allow ING to scale to new data and user volumes and will encourage our teams to continually innovate in the latest technologies and techniques.

Your passion is to work with the latest and greatest technologies that make working with large amounts of data easy, you’re pro-active in keeping yourself up to date and trying everything out. You also enjoy laying the architectural foundations for the things you’re working on. You combine both thinking of the future and a hands-on, right now attitude. You will work in a team with highly skilled people and enjoy a creative atmosphere where trying things out is encouraged.

You have experience in Scala and Functional Programming (FP), or you are in-depth familiar with another FP language (e.g., Haskell) or Java and want to learn Scala and Akka as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you would like to grow into a full-stack profile to help in other parts of the application, which are written in Javascript (Polymer) and Python.

You want to work on a single product for a longer period of time, seeing the value you’re creating. You want to work in an agile way, in a great team, where you can proudly present your latest achievements every 2 weeks.

About Company

Think Forward! Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. We are an industry-recognized strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries, strong financial position, omnichannel distribution strategy, and international network. If you want to work at a place where we believe that you can live by the Agile manifesto without jeopardizing the necessary continuity, compliance and QA measures, where we are committed to deliver stable and secure services to end-users, and where we have a 'no-nonsense' getting-things done mentality, please read on!

At ING Tech Poland and ING globally we follow the Agile approach and mindset. We use flexible frameworks like Scrum and Kanban at our everyday work. We are innovative and we trust people we work with. The broad autonomy our employees have, stimulates motivation and creativity what allows us to adapt to the changing requirements of business partners. Small units called squads are the core of our organization. They have clear vision of products, overcome challenges autonomously and based on team cooperation, work out the most flexible and effective way of working.

ING Tech Poland we create new teams in data analytics area, alongside RiskHub providing modelling services for Risk Department.

The newly onboarded in Poland ING Analytics Data, Tools & Technology (DTT) team is responsible for driving overall strategy and roadmap for analytics platforms of ING globally, for realizing ING as one of the leaders in data-driven organizations, within the banking sector and beyond. We do this by combining Big Data technology with Data Science to deliver high-value solutions and AI/ML products for our organization. We collaborate with the Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Machine Learning Engineers in our center of expertise to research, design, and implement leading-edge algorithmic products. We work in a fun and creative environment and we’re dedicated to bringing out the best in both each other and our projects.

Our Stack

Within DTT team as one of the leaders in data-driven organizations we mainly use the following technologies and frameworks:

  • Scala
  • Akka
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript (Polymer)
  • Kubernetes /Docker
  • Ceph
  • Spark
  • Flink
  • Kafka
  • contract of employment
    type of contract
  • 9:00 - 17:00
    work hours
  • Zajęcza 4, Warszawa
    this is the location of our office
Scope of duties
50% - developing our next-generation, container-based Data Analytics Products (Scala, Akka, Python and other technologies)
30%- designing the architectural foundations for the things you’re working on
10%- learning and exploring new technologies, especially front-end (Polymer)
10%- agile team cooperation and developmentKafka etc.
Your development
  • professional development
  • certificates and knowledge development
  • training budget
  • access to the newest technologies
  • international projects
  • free English courses
Your health, well-being and family
  • provate medical care
  • 50% funded Multisport Card
  • bicycle parking
  • chillout rooms
  • integration events and Stay Fit program
Working conditiions
  • stability of employement
  • fully equipped workstations
  • kitchen
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ING Tech Poland

ING Tech Poland

Poznaj wyjątkowy charakter naszej firmy oraz ludzi tu pracujących, dzięki którym zmieniamy świat.

ING Tech Poland dostarcza innowacyjne usługi IT oraz usługi operacyjne dla ING na całym świecie. Nasza główna siedziba mieści się w Katowicach. Posiadamy również oddział w Warszawie. W zakres naszych usług IT wchodzą: bezpieczeństwo IT, hosting, usługi zdalne oraz aplikacyjne. Usługi operacyjne ostarczane są przez dwie jednostki: RiskHub (Warszawa) oraz CardsHub (Katowice). RiskHub jest naszym Centrum Wiedzy Eksperckiej kształtującym przyszłość modelowania ryzyka i analizy danych w Polsce. Z kolei CardsHub odpowiada za cały cykl życia kart płatniczych, zarówno w zakresie technologicznym, jak i operacyjnym.

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