Head of Production

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Head of Production
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Your job will be to work as a facilitator, keeping different departments abreast of things and making sure that all the pieces come together. You should merge bussiness knowlegde with passion to games!

We can help you to relocate to Kraków.

  • Market knowledge - free to play mobile games
  • Technical knoledge - what's needed to make a game
  • You can create and manage ideas for the products
  • Team player attitude with a team leader approach
  • Being able to take responsibility for your team and your decisions
  • Ability to create a roadmap for your products
  • Being able to execute hard decisions when it's need to be done
  • Ability to create and work withing established budget
  • Business knowlegde and experience
Required Skills
  • Business experience
  • Communication skills
  • Management methodologies
  • Market knowledge
  • Team management
  • Shipped projects
  • Being a mentor
  • English
Responsibilities at this position
  • You will be responsible for general direction of the company.
  • You will create and execute our vision of games based on big data.
  • You will work closely with Product Owners in order to overseeing development of our games.
  • You will have responsibility of assembling and managing teams of engineers, designers and artists; outlining, scheduling and tracking tasks,
  • and making sure our projects are headed in the right direction in a given budget and time.
  • Set an exciting and inspiring direction, truly own the function, set high standards of execution, recruit world-class people, keep them challenged and motivated, and coach and grow them into stars.
Our perks
  • Leader's support
    Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.
  • Knowledge sharing
    People development is key for us!
  • Fast-paced career
    Professional growth opportunities, supported by a performance review process
  • Devices
    You will count on all the resources you need for your work
  • Beautiful office
    Ingenious office space with plenty of room, located in KPT
  • Flexible hours
    Whether you are an early bird or late owl - we get you covered.
  • Growth budget
    Let us know if you need any book or purchase materials that will help you grow
  • Remote work
    We don't force you to work in our office - you can work from home as well.
  • Open kitchen
    Coffee, juices, fruits, fully stocked fridge and more - come and see ;)
  • Sport
    We regularly play together and you are invited as well!
  • Team gatherings
    Take part in events with pizza, games, snacks with a good company.
  • Stock option plan
    We would like to share our success with you and take part in our ESOP plan.


Reality Games

Reality Games is an up-and-coming gaming studio developing mobile games that use live, real world data. Our game engine takes live data and combines it with familiar game concepts and proven game mechanics to generate highly addictive mobile games. We are not trying to compete with any of the current industry trends, we are creating a new genre of mobile entertainment with games based on real world data.

Our competitive edge is our first mover advantage. We took what we learned while making our first few games to build and improve our game engine, then integrate live data. The results from our first three games was phenomenal, with more than 10,000,000 organic players of our first game, Landlord Real Estate Tycoon.

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