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Arla Global Shared Services

13 aktualnych ofert pracy od 251 do 500 prac. Finanse / Bankowość

Meet us

Moooo. We are Arla GSS and we deal with business the Scandinavian way.

You most likely associate us with brands like Arla Apetina, Lurpak or Castello. We are part of the global Arla Foods group employing 19,000 people worldwide and delivering 25 trillion glasses of milk a year.
That being said…
At our office in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz we do not produce butter or cheese, nor do we conduct milk quality assessment.

We are a Global Shared Services Center and we deliver tens of projects in: Finance, IT, MasterData, Procurement, HR, Global Risk & Compliance.

Check our site to learn more: jobs.arla.pl



Why Arla?

Maja Kuzimska

A2R Expert

I like Arla because it confirmed me in the belief that „Do what you love and you will never have to work”, is possible.

Przemysław Myśliński

IT Service Desk Quality Lead

Arla is a lot more than just people and the office. Here you take care of your day in balance of larger or smaller challenges. And I feel that I am always going in the right direction…love that!

Patrycja Blencka

HR Specialist

Since the first day in Arla I have been captivated about culture here. On every step I’ve heard: easy, relax you work in Arla. It was just remarkable. I love Arla’s approach to employees, because company appreciates diversity of personal competencies. Company builds its power on employees strong assets. Attitude: if you are good at something – do it more.

Who are we looking for

Would you like to be part of an ambitious and diverse team eager to take on challenging tasks with plenty of development opportunities? If so, then Arla GSS is the company for you.

Still studying or just graduated with a Master’s degree? Apply for a summer internship with Arla to find out what is your passion. We are looking for trainees during academic year too! If you would like to gain experience- join us!

Interested in gaining professional experience and learning new skills quickly? Start in one of our junior positions, and look for your opportunity to climb the ladder.

Do you have work experience but you still haven’t found a way to boost your career? We might have something for you.

Do you speak foreign languages but lack experience in business? Join us, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to advance your career.

Are you a senior specialist in your field? Hang up your suit, improve your work-life balance, and experience a better atmosphere in the workplace.

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