About Recruitment

The recruitment process at Polcode varies depending on the positions we recruit for.

In the case of candidates for business positions – it is usually an interview with an HR Specialist and a meeting with the future Manager. We allow ourselves room for flexibility in the process if we need to ensure that the competencies relevant to the position are high. In such situations, we arrange for an additional short assignment to be completed at a date of your choice.

In the case of Programmers, the first stage of the recruitment process is an interview with an IT Recruiter, followed by a technical task or the submission of code samples by the candidate. To make the process as smooth as possible, instead of this stage, we often arrange a meeting with an HR Technical Advisor – a Programmer who supports Polcode in selecting suitable candidates.

Step aplikowanie Send us your CV
Step spotaknie rekrutacyjne Meet our HR Specialist
Step Schedule a meeting with the Manager/HR Technical Advisor
Step Spropozycja współpracy Polcode is waiting for you!
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