CE Digital Learning Design Manager

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CE Digital Learning Design Manager


Development programme in Tesco is basically an expedition. During 6 to 9 months you have a chance to explore our Central European business, gather on the job experience and learn from the best leaders. Your role after the programme depends on you, you can grow in the chosen position, in your department or take more responsibility and become a manager.

Graduates Development Programme in TESCO Head Office in Kraków
Nr. ref. DD/05/2020
  • Support people to work toward wider developmental goals by helping them navigate the most useful learning experiences, interventions and resources for them.
  • Bubble up the most useful content and approaches up from ground level
  • Recommend digital solutions from technical point of view to soft skill blended training processes
  • Support the learning designer team to build user engaging ways of learning (for example: gamified way)
  • Create soft skill e-learning materials with the best method (collaborate with content owner TDMs)
  • Support local Digital Experts in creation of CE compliance e-learning materials
  • Control CE compliance e-learning materials’ quality based on e-learning creation guideline, keep in touch with functions, create reports based on need of the departments
  • Test design and operation of e-learnings
  • Discover and learn about usage of new digital tools
  • Design and deliver webinar/online trainings about usage of systems, tools
  • Take part in delivering digital training content
  • Support learning designer team in preparation of webinars and ensure technical support during webinars
  • Create internal videos with a help of learning designer team
  • Good communication and influencing skills written and oral
  • Customer focus
  • Ability to work in team, collaboration skills
  • Good analytical skills & logics
  • System approach
  • Change management
  • Innovative thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Project management basic knowledge welcomed
  • Educated IT-specialist and experienced superuser of IT-related systems / databases
  • Certificated Articulate Storyline master
  • Experienced e-learning designer
  • Experienced webinar / online training facilitator
  • Fluent English both oral and written level with ability to deliver trainings and facilitate workshops in English
  • We support FLEXIBILITY because we believe that:
  • your outputs are what counts, not a number of hours sat through in the office
  • not every kind of goals could be accomplished effectively sitting in an open office
  • to balance working and private life is possible
  • CAREER GROWTH is not just a cliché - we operate in 4 markets as a one Central European business, so there aremany opportunities for growth and development
  • you can take part in other project with your teammates
  • you can develop yourself to secure new skills by the support of Tesco
  • We are a GREAT TEAM and we are not fond of any formalities here
  • As our teammates said:
  • team spirit can be built also remotely
  • virtual coffee break together’ is not just organized because we know it’s trendy, but more for the reason we like spend time with each other
  • sharing knowledge is one of our key success factor
  • support each other’s projects, learn something new, collaborate cross-functional.. all these activities bring values into our workP
  • lease mind we will consider only CV's in English.


Tesco Polska Sp. z o.o.

Tesco Polska Sp. z o.o.

Tesco Polska jest częścią międzynarodowej firmy o brytyjskich korzeniach. Na polskim rynku firma działa już od 20 lat zatrudniając ponad 30 000 pracowników.

Tesco w Polsce to zarówno sklepy, centra dystrybucyjne jak i biuro główne wspierające operacje.

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